Technical questions

Hits – they are clicks you got to your referral link.

Visits – the figure shows the quantity of unique users under your links.

Hits and Visits are only counted when casino page is fully loaded.

The hit won’t be counted if the visitor leaves the page in the process of loading. So, other statistic systems sometimes show bigger amount of clicks to your links. They count all clicks and we count only those which loaded the full page.

Regs – number of players who were registered under your link.

Gamers – number of players (counted for a chosen period of time).

Rounds – number of spins made by invited players.

Deposits – the total sum of money which has been deposited by players.

Withdraws – the total sum of money which was paid out by casinos.

Qualified players – shows the number of gamers who fulfilled all conditions and are going to be paid for CPA model.

Gross Gaming Revenue – gross income, received by casino. Gross income does not include taxes, soft and payment providers fees, etc.

Casino Promo – amount of bonus money which was taken by a player.

Full Income – the total sum of income received from a player.

MGA is calculated by next formula:   FI = (GGR*83.5%) - CP-(DEPS+WITH)*10%

Ontario is calculated be next formula:  FI = (GGR*65%) - CP-(DEPS+WITH)*5%

Where GGR stands for Gross Gaming Revenue

CP - Casino Promo

(DEPS+WITH)*5% is payments methods commission.

Partner Income – shows your affiliate revenue.

Yes, You can get texts, affiliate links, banners, different landing pages that were thoroughly tested. There is a “Create tracking link” section in your account where you can find ads that are available at the moment. Also, you can order custom promo materials - contact support for this, the number of custom promo materials may be limited.

Postback is also known as pingback or s2s pixel and also cookie-less tracking. It’s a way of tracking visitors without violating their rights and getting personal details. Any promotion material can have a link with a Postback. It can be done while creating a link and also in settings in the section of “Promo Archives”.

Following events can get a Postback:

  1. New registration.
  2. First player’s deposit.
  3. Following deposits.
  4. Qualification according to CPA rules.
  5. Income per day (calculated daily).

Pay attention that the last event is connected with a certain affiliate link, but not with a whole account.

There could be different types of postback links. For example, you may create such link:


In this link “promo” parameter is the one to be parsed and other parameters will be added to the Postback. The link itself will look as follows:


You can use any kinds of parameters but note that subid string shouldn’t be more than 255 characters. This is the only limitation.

Check a small example

Let’s create a link for registration event:


The parameter {transaction_id} is a subid and it will be added to affiliate link.

Also it’s possible to add deposit event in the subid line:


Like in previous case it will transfer registration but it will also transfer information on deposits.

First deposit tracking link will look as follows:


It will work just like in previous case but will transfer first deposit information to Postback.

Example for creating an affiliate link:


Just fill in the parameters you need in {transaction_id} field. Make sure you subid's don’t go over 255 characters.