Financial questions

Currently, all payouts are done by a bank wire.

To process payout, we would need to receive an invoice from you to email [email protected]

Don't hesitate to send them, as long as the new month starts.


Please remember, that the minimum bank payout is 2000 €.


We work on a few payment models:

1) CPA model, where the partner receives pre-agreed sum per each qualified player.

2) RevShare model, where we pay pre-agreed comission from GGR received per player.

MGA Revshare is calculated by formula: PI = ((GGR*83.5%) - CP-(DEPS+WITH)*10%)*AFF%

Ontario Revshare is calculated by formula: PI = ((GGR*65%) - CP-(DEPS+WITH)*5%)*AFF%

3) Hybrid model, that includes both CPA and RevShare part.

4) Sub - Affiliate comission model, where you receive income from Affiliates that you brought to our program.


Each deal is set up and agreed with a manager individually.


Minimum sum for a bank wire payout is 2000 €. It takes us up to 14 working days for processing payments after we received your invoice.